Waste Management Software

Waste Management Software

  • Designed and built from the ground up by our team of experienced industry professionals from the waste management industry, It is a modular and scalable solution, able to grow with your business and adapt to your changing needs.
  • A key integration, unique to software, is it’s seamless integration with Vehicle Weighing Solutions’ weighing systems. Loved by back-office users and waste collection operatives alike, the software and interface are highly automated, exception driven and most importantly – intuitive and user friendly!
  • waste management Software Solutions offer a consultative and flexible approach, ensuring you achieve a system that works for you and your business.
  • It integrates effortlessly with most business systems, meaning that those packages that are already implemented in your business will become one with your waste collection activities.



  • Go paperless with mobile devices – For drivers, compliance and weighbridges.
  • Experience real time order processing – include onsite issue management and focused order update notifications.
  • High performance route planning and optimization – benefits from maps, trails and easy to use technology.
  • Self service utility – your customers have access to recycling report and invoices.
  • Service hub made simple – track conversations, tasks and follow ups with customers and suppliers.

Waste Management Systems

The acronym ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. We at Aasaan Services are experts in making customised ERP Solutions for your business.

Traditional ERP systems have become older in age and technology and not very flexible as per current business needs. Here we come in and stand apart by providing flexible and easy to use ERP solutions which can take care of different departments of your business and bring your life at ease.
Our ERP system could easily be integrated with any third party service API along with providing standard modules like Accounting, HR, Finance, Operations and Others.

Waste Management ERP

Aasaan has done lots of work in research and development of this sector and has gathered lots of nitty gritties to come to a IT solution which can cater to different sectors and with ease. We basically have four solution to cater to the needs of different industry as follows:

AWM E-Waste : Aasaan Waste Management E-Waste is a solution for businesses dealing in Electronic Waste. Our ERP covers the whole life cycle and reverse logistics model as it starts from a person or corporate requesting to collect its E-Waste, company reaching out to pick the waste, taking it to plant and then three processes happens as Segregation, Recycling or Disposal. Corresponding status are being informed to the customer as per Government Guidelines.

AWM Bio : Aasaan Waste Management Biomedical is a solution for businesses dealing in Biomedical or Hazardous waste where the pickup could be on demand or on daily basis. Our ERP covers it in an efficient manner to record the pickup timing and weight with other details onsite and recording on for further billing at the end of the month or may be per pickup basis.

AWM Municipal : Aasaan Waste Management Municipal is a solution for Municipal Corporation or the private vendors working for certain municipal corporation to pick up the waste from small shops, restaurants or residential houses on a daily basis.

AWM Trading : AWM Trading is a solution for businesses who do not own their own plant or machinery but are into trading of Waste that could be E-Waste, Paper or some other stuff. It has got all the features right from managing clients, vendors, billing, inventory to start with.

Aasaan Waste Management ERP is a complete solution for any Waste Management Business that may be private or government. We have got fully customisable feature that can be changed as per any business requirement.

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